In less than 12 months, the ANC will host a policy conference at which the management of South Africa’s natural resources will come into sharp focus. Given this background, AngloGold Ashanti, in partnership with Motjoli Resources and the producers of the documentary film “Mining for change - A story of South African mining”, have organised a series of 6 seminars over 6 weeks to help build greater understanding between the different stakeholders within the mining industry.

Currently, the ANC Youth League, under the guidance of its president Julius Malema, is calling for the wholesale nationalisation of South African mines.

Business representatives have, after a period of near silence, begun responding to these calls. The government says its mineral resources policy has not changed. The Minister of Mineral Resources, Susan Shabangu, has gone as far as to say that nationalisation will only happen over her “dead body”. None of this has quietened the calls for nationalisation.

In response, the ANC has appointed a research group to carry out a “State Intervention in Mineral Sector Project”, which is conducting its work both in SA and in several countries with strong mining sectors operating a variety of models of state intervention and regulation.

These seminars are designed to help build at least a greater degree of common ground between the different stakeholders within South Africa’s mineral resource industry, and contribute to the public discourse ahead of the ANC’s 2012 policy conference.

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* 7 October 2011: Mark Cutifani, CEO of AngloGold Ashanti on what does SA’s mining industry need in order to grow and prosper?
* 11 October 2011: Sandile Nogxina, retired Director General of the Department of Mineral Resources on Beneficiating our mineral resources: what needs to be done?
* 21 October 2011: Elias Masilela, CEO of the Public Investment Corporation on Mining industry BEE deals: Lessons for the future.
* 25 October 2011: Paul Kapelus, Director at Synergy Consulting and Founder of African Institute for Corporate Citizenship on Models for the development of mining communities.
* 1 November 2011: Bobby Godsell, Chairman, Business Leadership South Africa on The pitfalls of nationalisation.
* 9 November 2011: Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League on State participation in Resources Sector: how & why.
* Up to three carefully selected panelists will then respond to each of the speakers and discussion from the floor will then follow.
* A record of the keynote speeches will be distributed to participants after the series.
* We look forward to having you there.

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