This conference, subtitled "A roadmap to development and sustainable growth", will serve as a critical tool for enhancing the economic and developmental potential of South Africa's mining industry today. It will address the challenges to and opportunities for expanding the long-term contribution of this industry to the sustained growth of the South African economy as a whole. To do this, it is designed as a broad, multi-stakeholder platform on which will be debated the question of how to construct and render operational an effective natural resource management framework for the country.

The main conference themes are "International Lessons on Effective Natural Resource Management" and "Challenges to and Opportunities for Constructing Economic Growth-Oriented Natural Resource Management Strategies For South Africa". Underpinning these two themes will be informed, empirical research that will shed light on the global best practice models on the subject of natural resource management while providing statistical evidence of South Africa's challenges with regards to the transformation of the mining industry into an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development-oriented enterprise.

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Invited Speakers

Ms. Susan Shabangu, Professor De Kock , Mr.Julius Malema, Dr Charles Roche ,
Mr.Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente , Mr Joel Netshitenzhe , Mr. Duma Gqubule, Mr Buti Manamela,
Mr. Frans Baleni , Dr. Heinz Pley, Mr. Jeremy Cronin, Dr. Paul Jourdan, Mr. Jacinto Rocha,
Ms. Noluthando Langeni.

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